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  • Thursday, 25 February 2021

How to make Neer Dosa at home?

How to make Neer Dosa at home?

Neer Dosa is a thin and soft dosa that is a popular dish of Karnataka in South India. Neer means "water" and the solution of this dosa is as thin as water, hence it is called Neer Dosa. This dosa is very easy to make at home because there is no need to ferment (pick up yeast) the solution of this dosa like other dosa solution.




To make the dosa solution, the soaked rice is brewed and then water is added to it. And then the thin batter is put on a hot griddle to make a dosa like Rava dosa, not like a plain dosa in which the batter is made by spreading the batter. 

What are the ingredients needed to make Neer Dosa?

Ingredients Quantity
Rice 1 cup
Fresh uncooked coconut 2-3 tbsp (कद्दूकस किया हुआ)
Oil 2-3 tbsp
Salt ½ tsp or as per taste

Step by Step procedure to make Neer Dosa

  • Clean the rice, wash and soak it in water for 2-3 hours.


  • Take out the rice and coconut paste in a bowl. Mix one and a half(11/2) cups of water in the mixture and mix it.


  • Remove the excess water from the rice and put the rice in the mixer, along with the coconut, grind it very finely to make a paste.


  • The mixture has to be prepared by making a very thin paste.


  • Add salt to the mixture and mix it well.


  • To make the dosa, heat the nonstick Tawa and spread it around by adding a little oil on the pan, take 2 to 3 tablespoon of the mixture, and spread it thinly. Put a little oil around the couple with a spoon. Allow the dal to lightly brown on the bottom and on medium gas.


  • There is no need to turn it over when the dosa is browned on the lower surface because it is so thin that it cooks completely when it is moistened from the bottom.


  • Take the folds off and keep them in a plate, and to make another dosa, wipe the griddle and spread the dosa by adding the batter and fold it down until it turns light brown from the bottom and prepares all the two likewise.


  • 7- 8 Neer Dosa will be prepared with this solution, serve Neer Dosa with coconut chutney, peanut chutney, or sambar and eat it.


Suggestion -

  • To make Neer Dosa, the mixture should be grinded very finely and smooth.
  • If you do not want to put coconut in the dosa, do not put it, Neer dosa can be made without coconut also.


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